Finishing a novel is only the first step on your journey towards publication. In order to stand out, a manuscript must undergo in-depth editing by a professional in the industry. Whether you are preparing to pitch to agents on a traditional track or taking the self-publishing route, our services will elevate the quality of your work and increase your chances for success. Andrea has over 25 years in the publishing business as a literary agent, professional editor, and bestselling Amazon author, and she utilizes this extensive experience when editing your manuscript. Andrea and her professionally trained developmental editors work with a wide spectrum of authors, ranging from those taking the first step in their writing career, all the way up to bestselling authors who are often referred through major publishing imprints and literary agents.

What makes our services stand out from the rest?

  • Andrea personally edits and/or supervises all manuscripts that come through the editorial division.
  • Our editors bring a plethora of experience as agents, professionally trained developmental editors, and bestselling authors to give your book a well-rounded, comprehensive editorial services. To help you through the publishing process.
  • We are always available to answer your questions throughout our collaboration. We follow up each developmental edit and assessment with a detailed written report. Phone consults available upon request.
  • As literary agents, Andrea, Sean, Amberly, and Katie have an insider's understanding into common reasons why manuscripts get rejected.
  • We know writing is a personal journey. That’s why our comments are insightful, thorough, and above all, respectful


Developmental Book Editing

For authors looking for an edit that addresses the entire literary makeup of your manuscript, from finding plot holes, fixing structure, fleshing out character arcs, to making sure your book fits the target market and genre, this is the service for you. At the end of our collaboration you will receive detailed notes within the manuscript, and an editorial report with valuable insights and guidance for your rewrites. For a more detailed description of what this edit includes, click the Learn More below. Contact us for more information on rates and scheduling.


We offer consulting for fiction and nonfiction authors, as well as expert guidance to take you through all aspects of your writing, editing, and publishing journey. Prices are determined on an hourly or project basis. Contact us for further information and/or to schedule an appointment.

A Sampling Of Our Clients

D.M Pulley
D.M Pulley

From Our Clients

Special thanks to Andrea Hurst, my superb developmental editor and fellow animal lover, who applies both sensitivity and a tough eye to make my books better, faster, stronger.
~Nancy Herkness, bestselling, award-winning author ofThe Place I Belong and the Whisper Horse Series.

Thanks to my developmental editor, Andrea Hurst, who suggested ALL THE CHANGES. She made me rewrite the stuff that sucked until it didn’t, and it’s a much better novel for that.
~Marko Kloos bestselling author ofTerms of Enlistment and the Frontline Series.

I hired Andrea Hurst and Associates to do an evaluative edit on my manuscript. The follow-up meeting (included in the price) was full of exciting ideas, possibilities and valuable suggestions. The expertise and care that Andrea gave this project will help me get my life’s work off my desk and into the public’s hands where it belongs. Thank you!
~ Steven Keeler, MFT, Memoir Writer

Andrea gets my writing and my voice in a way that no other editor has, and her insight is incredible. I’ve worked with her on several books now—both fiction and memoir—and with each one she has helped bring a depth to my work that has really made the books shine. She is my go-to developmental editor, and I am so thankful for her expertise!
~Juliette Sobanet, bestselling author of Meet Me in Paris

Andrea has been fantastic in helping me clarify my writing goals. She was able to help me focus on the direction I wanted to take my novel and provide inspiration to achieve my dream!
~ Mari Anoran, Paranormal Novelist

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrea this last year and have been extremely satisfied with the assistance I’ve received utilizing her consulting services. Her editing and insight have been invaluable towards improving and fine tuning my story. Andrea provided fresh eyes to see the holes and weak spots I wasn’t able to see on my own. She’s professional and encouraging as well as supportive. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for additional guidance.
~ C.K. Brumfield